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This is to inform the community that Satprem, who worked closely with the Mother on various books and later compiled the Mother's Agenda, has passed away at the age of 84 on Monday, April 9th of this year

Path of Earth , we all are responsible.

Our dear brother Satprem has left us.
When I read this message, I don’t exactly know what I felt. An impossibility, a joke, an emotion, a peaceful feeling, the reality of the fact ? Probably, all that at once. I even think I felt my eyes a little wet, but maybe did I dream it, very simply, in any case did I hasten to forget it ? Besides the fact that until now our physical life seems to be at the very least outstanding and hardly inescapable, this fact of dying is none the less just as much inescapable and common, indeed quite simply ordinary and insignificant, it goes back a long way and has already showed its ability, hasn’t it ? To die ? To leave his body ? To spit his body ? Whatever expression used, I cannot bring myself to realize one only minute that this man could have left us. After all this fabulous Work accomplished to create those links of “Reliance” (Connection) between those masters who were the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the "circumum-a-little-conscious-indeed-not-conscious-at-all" surrounding world, how could it be that a being who has dug so deeply in the reality of his body and his soul with so much faith towards the unification of the Spirit and the Matter, could die, indeed disappear that simply, just like that, waving a magic wand ? Quite obviously, Satprem is a magician but a magician of the world of Earth, he belongs to that specific path of realization and terrestrial accomplishment. And then, why not die, why not leave his body or simply bow out kindly when we most only survive in a world so slightly concerned by the inner evolution – with what such changes and transformations to transmute in bodies and spirits so slightly favourable for the evolution, can constitute of impossibilities or difficulties. Obviously, our Earth is not yet ready, is not yet born, It is … going through an evolutive process. It is the ideal thought of an all faithful Demiurge who believes in his Evolution. It is the diamond Gem in construction, animated by inherent starts of the still so painfully delicate and precise elaboration of a still too uncertain architecture. The Time, this damned Factor, this Distributor of illusion associated with his great stooge Death, offers and proposes on the menu of our still blurred eyes the vision of those lacks of ourselves, reveals to us the unaccomplishment of our being, grants us to die and leave our body again and again, our vehicle of the moment, invites us to realize what this tremendous thought of our fabulous earthly spatial vessel could become if the Conscience impregnates itself more totally up to catch a glimpse of the minuscule atom at the bottom of our electronic microscope that we look for desperately, as the irrefutable and tangible proof of our existence ; meanwhile it is here and well here, and there is no need of technological sophistication for the "Living". Satprem, the beautiful rebellious white bird, eager of true freedom and fraternity, could not stop himself from raising full sail back towards a Subtle whose germ will be more assuredly rooted, and that for this Earth symbol, when the Supramental will no more be thought or word of hope, indeed of dreamy or woolly fiction but definitely the golden Reality of a Sun of Truth without shadows. And very certainly should we too die from the over and over atavistic and recurrent condition as we are already dead before being born more truly of recognized certitude, dead from the narrowness of our smallnesses that we drag like a comet tail on the wandering thread of our survival-transit and our recurrent exiles; statement of fact of our inner separation and split, "karmic" gift received by the harassment of our physical birth. We are those living corpses who look for, in the unavowed and sometimes rather shameful of this "not yet born" which pursues us, the body of Life, this magic and rather miraculous sparkling in those "honestly barbarian" times which means that life would very suddenly become almost slightly and fluid like bright-silver, which blossoms in the gowns of Love, this same Love which is the language of Acceptation and Sacrifice. To create some "sacred", to recognize, to feel, to re-discover this innate Evolution already woven in the fibers of our cells’ secret in order that it will really be there, revealed, well alive and not this faked misery in which we crawl and wallow too comfortably of forgetting convenience. We are still possessed, we still do not possess. When all the traces of ego shall be erased, O Sri Aurobindo, O Mother, O Satprem, when all our kinds of desires shall only be vague and floating memories belonging to the limbs of the evolutive forgetfulness, at that time shall the Divine inhabit his Body, his loving and loved Body of Earth, and we then shall be very certainly the living witnesses of His immortality. And we shall from then on be indubitably brothers, brothers of rediscovered humanity.

Saint Laurent du Maroni, 14th of April 2007.

Translated by Annick PETITDEMANGE
Ermitage de Montmorin, 20th of April 2007

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