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DHANUSHMAT, lettres à une Auroville / plate-forme d'échange et d'écriture / en quête d'une Auroville intérieure / dans l'esprit du Yoga Intégral de Sri AUROBINDO. Accueil "DHANUSHMAT, lettres à une Auroville" A propos de... Nous contacter Autres parutions Bibliographie auroville, sri aurobindo, yoga, pondicherry, Pondicherry, Inde, India, Mère, Mother, integral yoga, conscience, consciousness, dhanushmat, Dhanushmat, DHANUSHMAT, archer, samadhi, spirtualité, spirituality

Virgin space …
… to clear up !

This space is proposed to allow you to share your experiences in this so singular Yoga ; the possible ways of expression are infinite and originate themselves in the just as easely creative nature of our beings, at whatever level or step of contact we live or have lived them, they have this particular taste and flavour which do not generally match with any other Work. They can be short, massive, grave indeed tinged with humor, and they are animated of a Sincerity and a Life hardly unimaginable or imitable by the Mental and the Lie. To get back on the purpose of this website, it is here the given opportunity to establish those bridges of links on the sheet of this small earth still so forlorn from the Regard. The troubles, the vulgarity and the coarseness which lead and fill our daily life show us in most cases and choices that we take the wrong way to Live truly this world. There is an active Conscience which dives into our opaqueness, which works as a factual speeding-up without us knowing, Conscience (well far out of the Mental) that we do not have yet recognized — or evidently so shyly — and maybe that we prefer not to recognize for the numerous benefits of ignorance that we can get from it, Conscience that bothers us with incertitude and discomfort and even much more without us being able to be conscious of it and weigh up the consequences and effects. Sri Aurobindo and others have found and opened the Path which can lead to a re-establishment of all those opposites apparently so contradictory today in the vision we have from them and in the regard we concentrate on our very presence in this world.
For those who had or have now this opportunity to testify, there is this space of possible passage, contact, recognition and creation, proposed here.

Translated by Annick PETITDEMANGE
With the participation of the author

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